Latitude 46 looking for short non-fiction stories for anthology

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Latitude 46 Publishing is looking for creative non-fiction submissions for its next short story anthology.

In recognition of Canada’s 150th birthday, Latitude 46 will publish an anthology of non-fiction short stories, entitled Up North for 150 Years, and more.

Of particular interest are stories of colonization and resilience from Indigenous storytellers and stories of immigration both generations ago and today from Northern Ontario.

The anthology will capture the growth of Northern Ontario since Confederation. The publisher’s goal is to recognize the many experiences that have formed this diverse and multicultural part of Ontario; both the Anishinaabe who witnessed the influx of immigrants to their territory and the newcomers who have helped shape this region.

Latitude 46 is seeking original English language or translated stories between 3,500 and 6,000 words. Please include a short bio.

If you are an oral storyteller or if you require special assistance in transforming your experience into a story, contact Laura Stradiotto at

Publication is scheduled for spring 2018. There is no fee to submit your story. Payment for publication is $150.

Submit your short story at The submission deadline is Sept. 1.

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Sudbury falls on the 46th parallel but that certainly doesn’t mean you need to live here to be considered. HOWEVER you must call Northern Ontario home. We are a talented bunch – but we do things a little different here and if you capture that essence, we’d like to read it. Although you don’t have to write about the North, we’ll prioritize stories that are inspired by, or, based in the region. Please allow up to six months for a response to your submission.

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